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Two Weeks Old Snow Bengal Kittens

Starshine's litter at 2 weeks old.

Starshine’s litter at 2 weeks old.

These Seal Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal kittens are two weeks old.  They are: Ellie, Flo, Gordie and Hamlet.  Follow them on our site.  They are on our “Starshine’s New Litter” page.  They each have their own individual pages that we update regularly.  They grow quickly so check our site often to keep up with them.

Dena – Our Snow Bengal Kitten


Just an update to show you the progress our seal spotted lynx point (snow) Bengal girl named Dena has made.  She has come a long way from the little kitten on Starshine’s Current Litter page.   The others in this litter are brown spotted Bengals and are all spoken for.  We chose to keep beautiful Dena for ourselves.  If you would like a top quality Bengal kitten similar to Dena or her siblings, contact us using the Priority Request form on our site.  Be sure to include your phone number so we can call you to discuss your questions.

Snow Bengal Cats

When people think of Bengal kittens and cats they most often envision the brown spotted patterned Bengals.  Bengals come in other colors and patterns.  These are photos of the more rare Snow Bengal cats that are formally called “Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengals”.

Adore Cats Bengals - Starshine

Our female snow Bengal cat.

Adoe Cats Bengals Seal Lynx Point Spotted Bengal

Our male Snow Bengal cat.

Adore Cats Bengals Dena

Our Snow Bengal kitten.


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