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Adore Cats Eartha

This beautiful brown spotted female Bengal kitten with lovely rosettes will be available to go to a new home soon.  Here is more information about her:

Adore Cats Opal – We miss you!

Adore Cats Opal - back and profile

Adore Cats Bengals:  Adore Cats Opal – back and head profile. 

Each cat is special in its own way.  However, for us Adore Cats Opal has a uniqueness that is so endearing it is hard to describe.  She went to live with her new family a couple of days ago and we miss her a lot.  I am not a great photographer, so I was elated to take this photo of her one day when she was just waking up.

Her profile is gorgeous and exotic.  She has small ears and a wild-looking head.  Her coat has a lot of glitter that can be seen even though the lighting is subdued.  She is rosetted from her shoulders all the way down to her tail on both sides.  She is exudes a type of elegance and gracefulness that can only be found in a great quality Bengal.

We had the privilege of her company for two years and now it is time for a new family to enjoy her as we did.

Congratulations to Opal and her new pet parents :-).

Rosetted Bengal

Adore Cats Bengals Rosetted Bengal cat at her new home.

Adore Cats Bengals Rosetted Bengal cat named Kiko at her new home. Photo used with the permission of her new family.

Bengal cats come in different patterns, colors and qualities.  The photo above is of one of our highly rosetted bengals who is now owned by a wonderful couple in Chicago, IL.

Rosettes are spots that have a color inside which is different from the background coat color and the spot outline.  As you can see from the photo, Kiko is highly rosetted as she has multiple rosettes on the side you can see (and on the side you can’t see).  Kiko is a good example of a high quality pet Bengal.  Let us know what you think.

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