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Collector Edition – Bengal Cat Mugs

Adore Cats Bengals Collector Edition - Bengal Cat Mug - Seal Spotted Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal Cat

Adore Cats Bengals Collector Edition – Bengal Cat Mug. Seal Spotted Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal Cat

We are very excited about this Special Collection.  It is the Collector’s Edition of different types of Bengal Cats on a black 15 oz. ceramic mug.  The artwork used is an amazingly crisp and realistic rendition of actual Bengal cats. The cat’s image is on one side of the mug and a description of the Bengal type is on the other side.  Now you can have coffee (or other beverage) with your favorite type of Bengal on your cup.  Microwaveable and dishwasher safe on the top rack. This mug was especially designed for and copyrighted by Adore Cats Bengals Company, Inc. and is available exclusively through them and Cats and More Store. Order one or the entire collection now.

Bengal Kittens’ First Vet. Visit

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Our Bengal kittens (four of them are Seal Lynx Point Spotted and one is Brown Spotted) went to the vet. for their initial exam, immunizations, de-worm and nail clip. Per our vet., they are all healthy :-).

Happy Holidays

We wish everyone a very safe and joyful Holiday Season.

– Adore Cats Bengals

“Cats and More Store” is now on the web.

Cats and More Store was designed to offer products that cats and kittens love and items that are useful to their owners as well. They are new and are in the process adding more items. They are also interactive and would like your feedback and suggestions. Check them out at:

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