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Bengal Kittens 1st Vet. Visit

Adore Cats Amy, Brandy and Cindy

Adore Cats Amy, Brandy and Cindy

These little sweethearts went to the veterinarian for the first time the other day for their first exam and initial vaccines.  They were not enthusiastic about leaving the carrier because the table was slippery.


Once they all came out, they scrambled to the top of the carrier to avoid slipping.


After much coaxing, Cindy posed for a photo.  They were all seen by the veterinarian and got a clean bill of health.  Kittens – got to love em :-).


Bengal Kittens’ First Vet. Visit

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Our Bengal kittens (four of them are Seal Lynx Point Spotted and one is Brown Spotted) went to the vet. for their initial exam, immunizations, de-worm and nail clip. Per our vet., they are all healthy :-).

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