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Cyber Monday Sale for Cat Lovers

Diva Cats

Diva Cat Collar - Pearls

Diva Cat Collection – Pearl Cat Collar; Available at:

Do you have a Diva Cat?  You may ask “What is a Diva Cat? My definition is: “a cat who behaves as a goddess or a queen.”  If you have one, you know it.  I have a couple of them.  Diva Cats are easy to get along with as long as you treat them that way.  Respect their space.  They do not always want to be petted or picked up so admire them from a distance.  When they want affection, they will come to you and insist upon it.  Then let them know you love them by petting, talking softly to them or give them a special treat.  There are even Diva Cat collars, harnasses and leashes available to help them look the part.  A Diva Cat is special.  It is OK to treat them that way.

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