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Bengal Kittens

Sharing a photo of Adore Cats Atria’s female brown spotted rosetted Bengal kittens.  More are on our site at:

Atria's Litter - Amy, Brandy and Cindy.

Atria’s Litter – Amy, Brandy and Cindy.


Hello World!

Belle's Bengal Kitten at 2 weeks Old.

Belle’s Female Bengal Kitten at 2 weeks old.

This kitten was two weeks old in this photo.  Kittens are born with their eyes closed.  So when this little girl finally opened her eyes, we were so excited that she could not just hear us but she could finally see us too!

Gorgeous Bengal Kitten

Wanted to share a couple of photos of our new brown spotted rosetted female Bengal kitten. For more info. see her page here:

Belle's Kitten #1=Face and tummy

Belle’s Kitten #1-Face and tummy

Belle's Kitten #1-Left side

Belle’s Kitten #1-Left side.  She has lovely rosettes and shoulder markings.  She is a very sweet girl.

Happy Mothers Day

We wish all mothers everywhere a Happy Mothers Day.  Here is a video that we hope will make you smile.  Enjoy!

Kept Under Wraps

Sometimes when good things happen you need just the right moment to spring it on your family, friends, etc.  This is one of those moments.  We have had a few things under wraps for a while, but now –

Something has been kept under wraps.

Something has been kept under wraps.

one of the cats (or more accurately, kittens) is out of the bag :-).  Introducing Adore Cats Atria!  She is our newest seal lynx point spotted kitten that we are keeping as a future queen.  She has huge, lovely rosettes and bright blue eyes. She is confident, brave and fiesty!

Introducing Adore Cats Atria!

Introducing Adore Cats Atria!

The photo below shows how beautifully her pattern is developing.  Her parents are Starshine and Moonshine.  Stay tuned. We have more under wraps to introduce to you later!

Adore Cats Atria has lovely rosettes.

Adore Cats Atria has lovely rosettes.

Izzy and Jada Have a New Home!

Our Bengal kittens we called Izzy and Jada have now gone to their new home together.  Their new family has a mother, father, and two girls for them to love and play with.  Congratulations to the kittens and their family!  We will miss you!

Adore Cats Bengals Izzy

Adore Cats Bengals Izzy

Adore Cats Bengals Jada

Adore Cats Bengals Jada

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