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Bengal Cat Calendar for 2015

The official Bengal Cat Calendar for 2015 is now available for purchase at:

Bengal Cat Calendar for 2015

This wall calendar has great color photos of a Bengal cat for each month and showcases some of the different Bengal cat coat types.  Get one for yourself or as a gift for anyone who likes Bengals or cats in general.

Rosetted Bengal

Adore Cats Bengals Rosetted Bengal cat at her new home.

Adore Cats Bengals Rosetted Bengal cat named Kiko at her new home. Photo used with the permission of her new family.

Bengal cats come in different patterns, colors and qualities.  The photo above is of one of our highly rosetted bengals who is now owned by a wonderful couple in Chicago, IL.

Rosettes are spots that have a color inside which is different from the background coat color and the spot outline.  As you can see from the photo, Kiko is highly rosetted as she has multiple rosettes on the side you can see (and on the side you can’t see).  Kiko is a good example of a high quality pet Bengal.  Let us know what you think.

Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengal

This is a photo of Adore Cats Bengals Seal Spotted Lynx Point (AKA Snow) Bengal kitten named Dena.

Adore Cats Bengals Dena

Adore Cats Bengals Dena has a lovely profile.

Dena is just 3 weeks old in this photo and is learning to walk.

Many people are familiar with the Brown Spotted Bengals.  The Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengals are more rare and are not seen very often.  When they are born they are almost completely white and look more like a tiny snowball.  As they mature, their facial markings, tail and leg stripes start to come in.  Then you can see very faint spots (and if it is an exceptionally beautiful one you will see rosettes) start to fade in as the kitten develops.

Adore Cats Bengals Dena

Adore Cats Bengals Dena has large rosettes already forming but you have to look closely to see them.

Later, you will see their feet darken and turn black.  When Bengals are born, their initial eye color is a hazy blue/black.  After a couple of months, their eye color stabilizes to the adult color, which is commonly green or hazel.  For the Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengals, their eyes develop into a beautiful blue and remain blue throughout their lives.  Their coat background and pattern changes, but their blue eyes are forever.    Dena will look a lot like her mom, Starshine, when she grows up.  Starshine’s picture is below.

Adore Cats Bengals - Starshine

This is Dena’s mom. We call her Starshine.  She is spotted with lots of rosettes and a shiny glitter on her coat.

Stop by our site at: to see more photos of our Bengals and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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