Our Kings

We are proud to introduce our King cats to you.

This is our home-grown brown spotted rosetted Bengal boy.  His registered name is Adore Cats Bodacious Best.  His nick name is B.B. :-).  He is the son of our supreme grand champion show cat.  B.B. is a big boy who loves people and his treats.  He has tested negative for:  HCM, PKD, FeLV and FIV.  He is a healthy and playful Bengal.  His photos are shown below:

@Adore Cats Bodacious Best

@Adore Cats Bodacious Best

@Adore Cats Bodacious Best

@Adore Cats Bodacious Best

The photo below is of Bodacious Best’s father.

Adore Cats Bengals - Brown Spotted Bengal Cat.

This gorgeous King’s name is: Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) Floridabengls Bodacious of AdoreCat.  His nickname is: “Bo”.  Bo’s mother is Champion (CH) Millwood Megaroses of Floridabengls.  (Her father is SGC Millwood Megabyte.  Her mother is Millwood Sophie Duncan).  Bo’s father is Champion (CH) Floridabengals Audacious.  (Audacious’ father is GC Millwood Lord of the Rings.  Audacious’s mother is CH Alirose Rosie of Floridabengls). The great majority of Bo’s near and distant ancestors are from Millwood (Jean Mills’) Cattery.  To see the full pedigree for Bodacious click here.

Bodacious is an outstanding Bengal with a very unique, regal air about him.  He has tested negative for:  HCM, PKD (N/N), FeLV and FIV.  He is a very healthy Bengal.  We are overjoyed to have Bo and will be forever greatful to Barbara and John Adcox for allowing us to have this wonderful boy for our program and providing the photo above.

Adore Cats Lightening:

The photo below is of our home-grown, sheeted marble patterned Bengal cat.  His name is Adore Cats Lightening.  His marble pattern continues to evolve as time goes on and he gets more handsome day by day.

Lightening with copyright

This exceptional boy is the son of our retired King Triple Grand Champion (TGC) Akerrs Moonshine of Adore Cats.  He has a pedigree that is amazing.  He is eleven generations from Centerwald, eight generations from Kabuki and nine generations from Art Deco.  Not only is his dad a Triple Grand Champion cat, his mother is the full sister to the 2011 Top Bengal of the year!  He has all that and a gentle, loving disposition.  His pedigree is certified by The International Cat Association (TICA) and includes: Supreme Grand Champions (SGC), Quadruple Grand Champions (QGC), Double Grand Champions (DGC), Grand Champions (GRC), and Champions (CH). His is negative for HCM, PKD, FeLV and FIV.  He is a healthy and active boy with a kitten personality.

One thought on “Our Kings

  1. Adore Cats’ Bengals are the best quality cats. They are all gorgeous. 🙂 Adore Cats’ B.B. is exceptionally handsome! I’m really happy I got my Bengal cat from Adore Cats.


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