At Adore Cats Bengals we raise, show and sell some of the most beautiful pedigreed Bengal kittens and cats available.

Take your time and browse our site.  You will see some of the cats we now have and some that we have raised who have gone to be permanent members of wonderful families in many different locations.

The kitten below is one example of our prior kittens.  This is a photo of our prior kitten we called Adore Cats Bianca.  She was about 4 weeks old in this photo.

Adore Cats Bianca

Adore Cats Bianca


The photo below is of the same kitten Bianca when she was about 5 months old.  This photo was taken at a cat show she was entered in.

Adore Cats Bengals Bianca at 5 months.

Adore Cats Bengals Bianca at about 5 months old at a cat show.


Adore Cats Bianca at 4 years old.

Adore Cats Bengals Bianca at 4 years old. She went to live with her new family as a kitten. We appreciate her family sharing this photo with us and giving us permission to post it.

We encourage perspective Bengal parents to do their research on the breed before making a decision.  Anyone can sell you a kitten with spots.  However, just because it has spots does not mean it is a Bengal.  If you want a high-quality pedigreed Bengal kitten or cat similar to the ones featured on this page or other pages of our site, contact us today

  1. mixeddestiny

    Happy, healthy, and oh so cute. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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  2. Hello, I was wondering how I can see some of your cats in person since I wod like to get a better idea of a Bengal’s personality. We have 2 boys, 6 & 8 yrs old, and I have to make sure that a Bengal would be a good fit for our family. I love the brown with rosettes but I find the silver/ white ones very interesting. We live about 35 min from the store so before I would make the trip, I would like to see if I can see some of your Bengals.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Lorena:

      Thank you for your interest in our Bengals. We would love to have you meet them. Fill out the Priority Request Form on our site and be sure to include your phone number. When I receive it, I will call you. Have a great day :-).


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