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Happy Birthday Bengal Kittens :-)

Adore Cats Bengals Newborn Snow Bengal Kittens

These are Newborn Seal Spotted Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal Kittens at Adore Cats Bengals.  They are: Ellie, Flo, Gordie and Hamlet.

Adore Cats Bengals Newborn Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten.

This is newborn Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten at Adore Cats Bengals named Manny.  He has a very regal profile that reminds us of a lion.

Our pet pedigreed Bengal kittens are raised with lots of love and attention.  They will get physicals by our veterinarian, their initial and booster immunizations with wormings, and will be spayed or neutered before leaving us to go to their forever homes.  They will bring many years of joy and happiness to their new families.  Watch them grow by following our blog.  We will post photos regularly so you can enjoy see them mature.

Rosetted Bengal Kitten

photo (14)This is our rosetted Bengal kitten named Bela.  She was placed today in her forever home where she has wonderful new pet parents and three excited children to play with.  Congratulations to them all :-).

Bengal Kitten Artie at 6 Weeks Old

You can see from Artie's profile that he has a whited tummy.

You can see from Artie’s profile that he has a whited tummy.

Artie is very alert and is interested in everything around him.

Artie has a great pattern that includes lots of rosettes from shoulder to tail.

Artie has a great pattern that includes lots of rosettes from shoulder to tail.

When Artie turns, you can see how large his rosettes are already!

We are very proud of our pedigreed Bengal kitten that we call Artie.  He is the son of our Seal Lynx Point Spotted (Snow) female Bengal and our marble patterned Bengal male.  Artie is in his “fuzzy” stage now.  As he matures, the fuzz will go away, his coat will become very sleek and his pattern will sharpen and become very eye catching.  If you would like to see more, browse our website at: and let us know what you think.

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