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Extreme Cuteness

Sharing a photo of this Bengal boy that is extremely cute.  He was learning to walk and found out that the countertop is very slippery!  He soon mastered this challenge and is doing great.  More photos of him are on our website.

Adore Cats Jaguar

Adore Cats Jaguar

Cheer Up

Life can feel heavy at times.  Here is a photo of our kitten Adore Cats Princess to help cheer you up :-).

Adore Cats Princess

Adore Cats Princess


Hurricane Barry

As the news brings word, pictures and videos of the flooding due to Hurricane Barry, our prayers go out for the people (and pets) affected by it.  We hope everyone comes through safely.

Tiny Leopard?

This may look like a baby leopard on the prowl but is it really a young Bengal kitten.  It is amazing how similar they are to the big wild cats iin apperance but they are very gentle and domesticated,  If you want to walk on the wild side and stay safe at the same time, a Bengal kitten may be right for you.

Chill out with Your Pet

No matter what else happens in the world, you and your pet can find comfort in being with each other.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee (or whatever beverage suits you) and snuggle with your pet today.  You both deserve it.

Adore Cats Alan

Adore Cats Alan

Happy New Year

We hope 2019 is your best year ever!!!


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