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Gorgeous Rosetted Bengals Available

We are still accepting inquiries for our gorgeous pedigreed adult female rosetted Bengal cats.  They are very friendly girls and are good with children. Let us know if you are interested by filling out our Priority Request Form on our site and be sure to include your phone number so we can call you.  Their photos and videos can be seen here:


Available Bengal Cat – Sophi

Sharing a video of Adore Cats Sophi.

Gentle and Playful Bengal Cats Available Now

We have two adult female Bengal cats that are available now to go to a new family.  They are both brown spotted with lovely rosettes, soft coats, super sweet personalities and are very playful.  The first photo is of Maia.  She is so gentle she will eat right out of your hand.

Our Bengal cats are so gentle they eat right out of your hand. This is Maia.

Our Bengal cats are so gentle they eat right out of your hand. This is Maia.

The other Bengal cat is Sophi.  Sophi appears to be very laid back in the photo but when someone wants to play she becomes the leader of the group!  This is Sophi’s sweet face.

This is Sophi's sweet face.

This is Sophi’s sweet face.

If you have always wanted a Bengal cat but was not sure it would be family friendly, these girls fit the bill.  Contact us now by filling out our Priority Request form and submit it to inquire about one or both of these girls.

Adore Cats Opal – Ready for a New Family

Our cat model named Adore Cats Opal is ready for a new family.

Adore Cats Opal - Right Side

Adore Cats Opal – Right Side

You can see information about her Here


Update: Our Former Bengal Kitten Named Bianca.

This is an example of how a high quality Bengal kitten develops over time.  Here are 4 photos of Adore Cats Bianca from the time she was a kitten to the most recent photos of her as an adult.  We appreciate her new owners who are very nice people and were kind enough to send us recent photos of Bianca and gave us permission to post them.  Bianca is now 4 years old.  She has matured beautifully as we expected.

Adore Cats Bianca at 4 years old.

Adore Cats Bianca at 4 years old.

Adore Cats Bianca has deep, rich color with dark outlined rosettes.

Adore Cats Bianca has deep, rich color.  Many of the black spots she had as a kitten have opened up and are now black outlined rosettes. This is a great quality Bengal.

Adore Cats Bengals Bianca at 5 months old.

The photo above is Bianca at 5 months old and was taken at a cat show.  Many of her black spots had become larger and some of the centers were getting lighter.  Her rosettes were becoming more obvious.

The photo below is Bianca at 4 weeks old.  At 4 weeks old her spots seemed completely black and you could not easily see the lighter color underneath that would develop into beautiful rosettes.  However, we knew they were there :-).


If you would like a high quality Bengal cat similar to Bianca, please let us know.  We do have a wait list, however, a Bengal kitten like this is worth waiting for.

Newborn Kittens

Our Seal Spotted Lynx Point (snow) Bengal, Starshine, recently had a beautiful litter of Bengal kittens.  There are 2 female brown spotted, 1 male brown spotted and one seal lynx point spotted (snow) female.  You can see the kittens and their mother Starshine on Starshine’s Current Litter page.

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