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You Deserve a Smile Today. 

Bengal Kittens – 2 Weeks Old

We are sharing photos of our 2 week old Bengal Kittens.  They are indoor cats but are outside for the first time in the sun so they are squinting a bit.  However, they loved the sunshine!

We call this brown spotted rosetted female Bengal kitten Eartha.

Adore Cats Eartha Face

Adore Cats Eartha face.

This male marble patterned Bengal kitten below is called Forrest.

The male marble patterned Bengal kitten below is called Gulley.


Newborn Kittens

Our Seal Spotted Lynx Point (snow) Bengal, Starshine, recently had a beautiful litter of Bengal kittens.  There are 2 female brown spotted, 1 male brown spotted and one seal lynx point spotted (snow) female.  You can see the kittens and their mother Starshine on Starshine’s Current Litter page.


Gabrielle’s kittens (Lola, Jake and Kaz) have all been spoken for.  They will go to live with their new families when they are 12 weeks old.  Congratulations to them and their new families!

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