30 thoughts on “Available Bengal Kittens

  1. We love our cats! We have had 7 cats in the last 25 years. A mix of breeds. Most have lived 18 -21 years. Only 1 died at about 7 from some mysterious reason and we still morn his loss. We currently have 2 cats and are thinking of a kitten in the next year or so. We would be interested in seeing pictures when you have kittens available. Thanks


    • Hi Sally:

      Thank you for your interest. As you want a kitten in the next year or so, this is the best time to begin inquiring. I will contact you privately to get specifics of what you like and work with you in your quest for the Bengal kitten you desire. Have a wonderful day :-).


  2. Hello, I am moving me and my traditional tabby (Rozzy) to our own home and she has been living with other pets for most of her life (she’s about 1 yrs old now). She loves dogs and cats and I would love for her to have a bengal companion since now it will be just us. I would love more information. Thank you!


  3. Hello There!
    I am very interested in a brown rosetted Bengal kitten. Preferably male. Would you be able to contact me about any kittens that may be available in the near future? I found your website when I researched Bengal kittens for sale in Michigan. I am located in Oakland county, Michigan, and was hoping to find a cattery in the same state. Thank You so much!


  4. Hello!! I am in the market for a bengal kitten and I’m on the quest to find the right one for my family. I would love to take a look at any current litters you have or talk about an upcoming one. Thank you so much for your time!


    • Hi Eluise:

      Thank you for your inquiry. It is great you are being patient in trying to find the right Bengal kitten for your family. I would love to talk with you about my upcoming litter. I will email you privately so we can exchange phone numbers to discuss details.

      Have a great day.


  5. Hi…sadly I have lost two furry children (17 and 15) less than three weeks apart. I have always wanted a male Bengal kitten. Would love info concerning same. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!!!


  6. Hello im very intrested in a kitten please. We have two lady cats. Luna and Stella. But i feel we need a male. My 9 year old male chihuahua and I are being over ran with girls. My Sweetheart came home with Luna as a kitten two springs ago. Then last may we adopted her grandmothers 3 year old cat and thats how we got Stella. I recently found out about this particular breed. Now I must have one.


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