Available Bengal Kittens

We have new kittens!

Our Queen Kanpur Dark Corona of Adore Cats (aka Cora) and our King Adore Cats Bodacious Best (aka B.B.) have a litter of three gorgeous kittens.  There are two females and one male in the litter.  They already have great contrast, rosettes that are developing beautifully and they get lovelier by the day!  We are accepting applications and deposits now.  Contact us via our Priority Request form if you are interested.

Each kitten has their own page with photos and info.

To see photos of Jaguar click here.

To see photos of Princess click here.

To see photos of Suri click here.


  1. Scott and Jacinta

    We are interested in purchasing a Bengal kitty for our loving home!!


    • Hello:
      Thank you for your interest in our Bengals. We use our Priority Request Form to consider families for our Bengals. Please fill out the Priority Request form on our site and submit it to us. We will call you with details. Have a wonderful day.


  2. Hi. Do you any of these gorgeous kittens available?


  3. Interested in a Bengal. What is the cost and is there special care required that would be different from other breeds?


    • Hi Kelly:
      The cost varies depending on the specific kitten you are interested in. Please fill out and submit a Contact Us form on our site so I can contact you privately to address your questions. Have a great day.


  4. i am interested in a Bengal cat I have a good home but do not know much about them besides they are cool looking and the starting price hope to hear from you soon jim thank you


  5. I am interested in bringing a bengal kitten into my home!


    • Hi Matthew: I received your email. Please go to my website’s Contact Us page and fill out the Priority Request form. Be sure to include your phone number. We will call you to give you more information. Have a nice day.


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