Are Bengals Hypoallergenic?

We receive many inquiries a day from people who have allergies to cats that have read articles on the internet that lead them to believe Bengal cats are without a doubt hypoallergenic.

There are a few definitions of the word “hypoallergenic”.  The one we use and feel is the most accurate is on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Wikipedia gives a definition of the word and history related to it.  Please read it here:

We have not seen extensive, credible longitudinal research study statistics that definitely conclude Bengal cats are undoubtedly hypoallergenic.  Therefore, we do not claim that our Bengal kittens or cats are hypoallergenic. 

Allergies cause physical symptoms which vary from person to person and so does the severity of the symptoms. There are people who have allergies to cats that do not experience symptoms with kittens, but when the kitten gets older they find their allergy symptoms flair up again; sometimes severe enough to cause them to re-home the cat or give it up for adoption.

If you are allergic to cats, please give very careful consideration to the possible long term effects for yourself and the kitten/cat you want to obtain.

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