Newborn Kittens

Our Seal Spotted Lynx Point (snow) Bengal, Starshine, recently had a beautiful litter of Bengal kittens.  There are 2 female brown spotted, 1 male brown spotted and one seal lynx point spotted (snow) female.  You can see the kittens and their mother Starshine on Starshine’s Current Litter page.

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  1. Hello,
    I’m currently looking for a snow bengal kitten and saw you have one. Is she spoken for? If so do you have any information regarding to a safe trustworthy breeder where I could find one?

    Thank you
    Aubrey Miller


    • Hello Aubrey:
      You have great taste in cats. Snow Bengals are absolutely gorgeous. I would be glad to give you more information. On our site there is a tab that says Priority Request. Please fill it out and submit it to me. I will contact you via phone to discuss details. Have a great day.


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