Starshine’s Current Litter – Update

Our beautiful Bengal seal spotted lynx point (snow) Queen Starshine had a litter of 4 kittens. (Note: you can click on the photos to enlarge them.)  These kittens are available for sale.

Starshine with her litter

Starshine with her litter.

She has one brown spotted male, two brown spotted females and one female snow.  If you would like a kitten from this litter when they are old enough for new homes, contact us now using our Priority Request form on this site.

UPDATE Starshine’s kittens are now 6 weeks old and are growing quickly.  Each kitten has its own page and temporary name.  Click on the link on the photos to see them.

Adore Cats Bengals Arty

Adore Cats Bengals Arty is a lovely brown spotted rosetted male Bengal kitten.  Click here to go to Arty’s page where he is 3 weeks old.  To see Arty’s 6 weeks old pictures click here.  UPDATE: Arty is now on hold to go to a family in Richmond, MI when he turns 12 weeks old.

Take a look at the kitten below.

Adore Cats Bengals Bela

This is Adore Cats Bengals brown spotted rosetted female Bengal called Bela. Click here to go to Bela’s page at 3 weeks old.  To see Bela’s 6 weeks old photos click here.  ***BELA IS STILL AVAILABLE.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HER, CONTACT US NOW!

The kitten below is Starshine’s second brown spotted female.

Adore Cats Bengals Cate

Adore Cats Bengals brown spotted rosetted female called Cate.  Click here to see Cate’s 3 weeks old page.  To See Cate’s 6 weeks old page click here.  Update:  Cate is now on hold.  She was selected as a companion to a very nice lady in Washington, MI.  Cate will go to her new home when she turns 12 weeks old.  Congratulations to them both!

The photo below is of Starshine’s seal spotted lynx point (snow) female kitten.

Adore Cats Bengals Dena

Adore Cats Bengals Seal Spotted Lynx Point (Snow) female Bengal kitten we call Dena. She is also spotted with rosettes coming in.  Click here to go to Dena’s page at 3 weeks old.  To see Dena’s six weeks old page click here.   ***Dena is so gorgeous we are keeping her for our program. Let us know if you would like a Snow from a future litter.


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  1. They are all so cute!


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