Updated Bengal Kitten Photos

Adore Cats Bengals 4-1/2 Week Old Bengal Kitten named Manny

Adore Cats Bengals 4-1/2 Week Old Bengal Kitten named Manny.

For more updated Bengal kitten photos, see Gabrielle’s and Starshine’s pages on our site.

Adore Cats Bengals “Opal” is in Hour Detroit Magazine

Great News – Adore Cats Bengals “Opal” is in the December, 2014 Hour Detroit Magazine print version on Page 72 and in the online version (see the second photo on this linked page) listed here: http://www.hourdetroit.com/Hour-Detroit/December-2014/Girls-Best-Friend/ Take a look and let us know what you think of Opal’s debut :-).

Cyber Monday Sale for Cat Lovers

Be sure to take advantage of the Cyber Monday sales at: http://www.catsandmorestore.com today.  They have gifts and other items for cats, kittens and the people who love them.  They also are offering a Free Gift to Cyber Monday only shoppers today when your order total is $100.00 or more.  Here are just a few of the items they offer:

Two weeks old Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten

Adore Cats Bengals Manny at 2 weeks old.

Adore Cats Bengals Manny at 2 weeks old.

This brown spotted Bengal kitten is two weeks old.  His name is Manny.  He is two days younger than Starshine’s kittens.  He is shown on our “Gabrielle’s New Kittens” page.  He also has his own individual page that we update regularly.  Manny was the only kitten in his litter.  However, he has Starshine’s kittens to pal around with while they all grow up together.  Check our site often for updates on their adventures.

Two Weeks Old Snow Bengal Kittens

Starshine's litter at 2 weeks old.

Starshine’s litter at 2 weeks old.

These Seal Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal kittens are two weeks old.  They are: Ellie, Flo, Gordie and Hamlet.  Follow them on our site.  They are on our “Starshine’s New Litter” page.  They each have their own individual pages that we update regularly.  They grow quickly so check our site often to keep up with them.


Our Cats Doing Neighborhood Watch


Happy Birthday Bengal Kittens :-)

Adore Cats Bengals Newborn Snow Bengal Kittens

These are Newborn Seal Spotted Lynx Point (Snow) Bengal Kittens at Adore Cats Bengals.  They are: Ellie, Flo, Gordie and Hamlet.

Adore Cats Bengals Newborn Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten.

This is newborn Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten at Adore Cats Bengals named Manny.  He has a very regal profile that reminds us of a lion.

Our pet pedigreed Bengal kittens are raised with lots of love and attention.  They will get physicals by our veterinarian, their initial and booster immunizations with wormings, and will be spayed or neutered before leaving us to go to their forever homes.  They will bring many years of joy and happiness to their new families.  Watch them grow by following our blog.  We will post photos regularly so you can enjoy see them mature.

Diva Cats

Diva Cat Collar - Pearls

Diva Cat Collection – Pearl Cat Collar; Available at: http://www.catsandmorestore.com

Do you have a Diva Cat?  You may ask “What is a Diva Cat? My definition is: “a cat who behaves as a goddess or a queen.”  If you have one, you know it.  I have a couple of them.  Diva Cats are easy to get along with as long as you treat them that way.  Respect their space.  They do not always want to be petted or picked up so admire them from a distance.  When they want affection, they will come to you and insist upon it.  Then let them know you love them by petting, talking softly to them or give them a special treat.  There are even Diva Cat collars, harnasses and leashes available to help them look the part.  A Diva Cat is special.  It is OK to treat them that way.

Halloween Celebration with your Cat

Have you ever bought a Halloween costume for your cat, put it on the cat and then found that the cat took it off more quickly than you put it on?  To prevent this from happening, try getting a cat collar or harnass with a leash in Halloween decoration patterns.  I found some at http://www.catsandmorestore.com that are very rich in color and pattern.  They have well designed break-away clasps and come in different sizes for a better fit.  If you like them, order yours now for delivery before Halloween.

Here are photos of the ones I saw:

Layout 1


Bengal Cat Calendar for 2015

The official Bengal Cat Calendar for 2015 is now available for purchase at: http://www.catsandmorestore.com.

Bengal Cat Calendar for 2015

This wall calendar has great color photos of a Bengal cat for each month and showcases some of the different Bengal cat coat types.  Get one for yourself or as a gift for anyone who likes Bengals or cats in general.

“Cats and More Store” is now on the web.

Cats and More Store was designed to offer products that cats and kittens love and items that are useful to their owners as well. They are new and are in the process adding more items. They are also interactive and would like your feedback and suggestions. Check them out at: http://www.catsandmorestore.com

Marble Bengal Kittens

Adore Cats Bengals Marble Patterned Bengal Kitten.

Adore Cats Bengals Marble Patterned Bengal Kitten.  Marble Bengals may not have spots or rosettes you can see on their back or sides but they do have spots on their tummies.  Each pattern is unique.